Happy Birthday America and Samir!!!


To turn a dream into reality requires a delicate balance of idealism and action. Men like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin made their vision of an American republic a reality 240 years ago when they declared their independence from the British crown. Today we celebrate their determination and persistence, a bold move by the bold men and women of colonial America that forever changed the world.

But today at Health Fitness Revolution we are celebrating another important anniversary as well: the fortieth birthday of Samir Becic, our founder and leader. Samir was born on July 4th, 1976, the bicentennial anniversary of the founding fathers’ grand gamble. And like the architects who cobbled together the United States, Samir is one of those rare visionaries who has the grit to realize his ambitions. Resourceful, energetic, and determined, he endeavors to leave the world a healthier and happier place than he found it and is taking the steps to make that happen.

40 is a significant milestone for a man who has already accomplished so much. Despite having a birthday that would make Bruce Springsteen jealous, Samir was not born in the United States. Born in Bosnia and raised in Munich, Samir spent his defining years in Europe. This influence extends beyond his German accent. He has the warmth typical of a Bavarian and the joie de vivre that many Americans lack. His classical gymnasium education bestowed him with an appreciation for culture and a fascination with history. As a result, he is as comfortable talking about the waning days of the Roman Republic as he is training regimens and healthy living.

But Samir’s unique birthday foreshadowed his destiny. Enamored with the American dream and all it represented, he set his sites on the United States that Franklin and the rest created. In 2000 he moved here with his wife Dijana, and was quick in realizing the true potential that this country offers, building a career as one of the country’s foremost experts on health and fitness.

Samir put his good name to great use and has been on a tireless crusade to make America a healthier and better place to live. His genuine compassion, integrity, and boundless energy make this tall order a genuine possibility. Those traits also make him a revered husband, father, leader, and friend. If a life is measured by those that it influences, at 40 Samir has surpassed people twice his age many times over.

At 40, Julius Caesar stood on the banks of the English Channel contemplating his next move, a conquered Gaul behind him and the wild unknowns of the British Isles in front of him. He had accomplished so much but his greatest achievements were yet to come. Likewise, Samir’s impressive pedigree is a prelude to greater dreams yet to be realized. Luckily for the rest of us, Samir’s ambitions are much more altruistic than those of his beloved Caesar.

Samir: Happy birthday on behalf of the entire Health Fitness Revolution team!


-Patrick Hyde


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