Happy 90th Birthday to healthy Queen Elizabeth!


The HFR team wants to wish Her Royal Highness a Happy and Healthy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

Her Royal Highness is known to have a very balanced and healthy lifestyle including long walks, horseback riding, off-roading in her famous Defender, swimming, playing with her beloved Corgi dogs, and eating a balanced diet.

“Considering that she is 90 years old, she is very vibrant, sharp, with excellent posture, indicative of her level of physical activity and core strength. I am amazed that even at her age, she still off-roads in my favorite vehicle, the Defender- which represents her adventurous spirit. This is why she is one of my ultimate favorite Royals today” says HFR founder Samir Becic.

The queen, accompanied by her husband Prince Philip, who turns 95 in June, was  working on her birthday, just as she has worked on most of her birthdays and on most days since becoming queen in February 1952.

The two older-but-still-fit royals went a walkabout outside Windsor Castle on the day, greeting well-wishers after unveiling a plaque marking the Queen’s Walkway, a four-mile walking trail in Windsor, the town surrounding the 930-year-old castle.

To many more years of health to Queen Elizabeth!


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