The Health Benefits of Playing Ultimate Frisbee


The goal of Ultimate Frisbee is to work your way down the field by passing a frisbee disc back and forth to teammates—while avoiding opposing players—until you score into the other team’s end zone. With no referees, the best part of this sport is its spirit: sportsmanship and the expectation of fair play. Teams usually consist of 7 players, but can be played with less or more people.

Health Fitness Revolution loves the Ultimate Frisbee because it is a phenomenal way to get in shape while being socially interactive. Here are the top tips from Health Fitness Revolution and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic:

  • Increased sprinting and endurance running, both on offense of defense. There are definite elements of “High Intensity Interval Training”.
  • Interval Training burns more calories, increase resting metabolic rate, and increases tolerance to the “burn”.
  • Increased Agility from the quick turns, pivots, throws and jumps.
  • Full Body Workout whether you’re squatting or jumping to catch a disc. You work your legs and hips, when throwing a disc. Lots of leg work, but your arms can feel it too, especially if you play a handler role in offense.
  • Boosts Mood! Healthy injection of endorphins and other happy hormones- any form of exercise can promote this, however the best scenarios is when you exercise for longer then 30 minutes, at a moderate to intense pace.
  • Social Interaction. Ultimate frisbee makes you part of a community and teaches you to work as a team. We think that even corporations would benefit from having employees team-building activities be a game of frisbee- health and cooperation!

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