The Health Benefits of Rollerblading while Social Distancing


Although rollerblading was uber-popular in the ’90s and might seem outdated today, it’s still a great workout and we are hoping it makes a comeback! But we suspect it will be making a comeback as many gyms are closed due to Coronavirus social distancing protocols. Rollerblading is a great mode of transportation over long distances- a good alternative to biking or skateboarding.┬áSlimming, toning, endurance, balance, mood are just five of the benefits of rollerblading, just make sure that you wear a helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards! Here are Health Fitness Revolution‘s health benefits of rollerblading:

  • Increased Endurance: In time, you can go for hours without getting fatigued. We recommend practicing a half hour to 2 hours per week, in order to develop balance and reflexes and enjoying a feeling of freedom and lightness. In addition, rollerblading restores the suppleness of joints.
  • Improves Coordination: Rollerblading takes a bit of practice in the beginning, but it improves flexibility and coordination tenfold. The activity forces you to even out your balance and find your center of gravity. Just like a consistent yoga practice, the more you rollerblade, the more graceful you will become during your everyday activities.
  • Great Cardio: Rollerblading increases the heart rate and gets your lungs working, both components in aerobic exercise. Rollerblading for 30 minutes at a steady pace raises the average heart rate to 148 beats each minute. It provides a cardio workout similar to running and spinning. You can increase these aerobic benefits by skating on an uphill incline, skating more vigorously or practicing interval skating, which alternates one minute of brisk skating in a tucked stance with one minute of comfortable skating in an upright stance.
  • Good for Weightloss: Thirty minutes of steady skating at a comfortable pace burns between 210 and 311 calories, while 30 minutes of interval skating burns up to 450 calories!
  • Firms the Lower Body: The natural side-to-side motion your legs get from inline skating is ideal for trimming the thighs, strengthening the quads, and lifting the glutes. It’s also a great low-impact aerobic activity that doesn’t shock the joints.
  • Clears the Mind: The swift and repetitive action of skating helps you stay present and gives your brain reprieve from constant noise. If you’re skating in a quiet park, some music can help you get into the groove, but if you’re out on the street, don’t listen to loud music. Don’t get so caught up that you’re unaware of oncoming traffic.


  1. […] While it may feel outdated, rollerblading provides a range of health benefits. The most obvious is that it gives your cardiovascular system a healthy boost. According to Health Fitness Revolution, “Rollerblading for 30 minutes at a steady pace raises the average heart rate to 148 beats per minute and provides a workout similar to running” (Source). […]

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