HFR Interviews News Personalities Who Promote Fitness


They are the first people we see on TV when we wake up in the morning and the last people we see before getting ready for bed. News anchors have had a tremendous influence on American culture and it’s because they are trustworthy and committed to providing valuable information to their viewers. News Anchors in Texas prove themselves to be a great example for us, especially when they lead healthy lifestyles. This is why we feel that those in the media have a responsibility to be good exemplars- because they are literally in our homes every day, being watched by our kids, our relatives, and friends.

With this initiative, we are trying to encourage all of the celebrities in Texas who are fit to influence everyone else to be active. Let’s encourage Texans to be among the fittest in America!

Health Fitness Revolution wanted to learn more about what keeps these busy news anchors healthy and fit, and we were fortunate enough to find out their inside secrets. Here are a couple of interviews our team had with Texas’ healthiest news anchors.

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“More media personalities need to be aware of how a healthier lifestyle can have a positive impact on American society and how their influence as ambassadors can be crucial in changing this nation towards being a leader in fitness.” -Samir Becic

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