HFR one of the most used Health and Fitness Resources Globally


Yes, you read that right: HFR is one of the most referenced and quoted resources on health and fitness topics IN THE WORLD! We can’t believe the huge success we’ve had, and we owe it all to you guys, the readers, who read us, share our articles, and comment on our posts!

Every day, we are working on finding the latest health and fitness news to give you everything you need in order to live your happiest and healthiest self. We are proud to be considered a leading health and fitness resource- without all the fluff and paid sponsored posts!

Please let us know if you ever see us referenced in a media outlet from your country- we love sharing the articles…

Here are some of the major media outlets that quoted us just this month:




Youm7.com Egypt

Detik Indonesia

Health Detik Indonesia

Sidomi Malaysia

Detik Indonesia


Lrytas.lt Lithuania

Lrytas.lt Lithuania 


Spotlight News

Destiny Connect

Liputan 6



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