HFR Sends Condolences to Families in Paris Following Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo

The HFR team and its founder Samir Becic send their condolences to the families of the victims of the tragedy that occurred in Paris, France. We hope the terrorists will be caught as soon as possible so that they can do no more harm to innocent people. The attack on magazine Charlie Hebdo, in which 12 people died and 11 seriously injured, was inhumane. There is no explanation the terrorists could have in order to justify the massacre they committed. Freedom of speech is what the Western civilization is built upon, and as a media outlet, we at HFR fully support freedom of speech. We feel deeply for our colleagues about what happened at Charlie Hebdo. They, as well as all other media outlets in the world, have 100 percent support from us to explore their freedom of speech.

“These terrorists are not religious, have no common sense, and no honor, pride or confidence. They are only evil cowards,” Becic said.

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