HFR Sets Milestone for Texas Health and Fitness


The Health Fitness Revolution team and founder Samir Becic are proud to announce that HFR is officially the largest organization to promote a healthy lifestyle in the state of Texas.

After nearly two years of dedicated work, which included giving hundreds of seminars and interviews to media across the world, the team has educated thousands of adults and children at schools, churches, homeless shelters, non-profits, corporations and other organizations on the habits of a healthy lifestyle. HFR’s reach has spanned more than just the population in Texas. Thanks to the team’s efforts, children and adults throughout the US and the world have also been a part of HFR’s mission.

Looking ahead to 2015, HFR has plans to be even bigger and expand its reach even further. As the largest health and fitness media outlet in the state of Texas, HFR Magazine is projecting 10 million visits in 2015. One of the latest developments within the non-profit includes a partnership with Verizon Wireless, and Becic continues to consult many Fortune 500 companies on healthy lifestyle. HFR also has plans to open several offices across the world, continuing its mission to fight obesity, which currently sits at a national high of 34% in America, and spread the message to schools, government officials, businesses and organizations on the importance of maintaining healthy and fit habits.

As the founder of HFR, Becic has worked with Houston’s renowned Lakewood Church, which has appointed him as Health and Fitness director for the congregation, and hundreds of other churches across America are using the Health Fitness Revolution team as advisors. Media across the world are seeking expert interviews with Becic because of the growing epidemic of obesity and declining health of the global population. His media appearances are educational and motivational, and he believes in the healthy balance of physical, mental and spiritual, a message he passionately promotes to everyone he meets.

The HFR team is comprised of young, enthusiastic and motivated professionals who want to change the world for the better and are ready to fight childhood obesity and the growing rate of adult obesity in America. The team is proud that this movement is making progress not just in what is commonly considered one of the fattest cities in America, but also one of the fattest states.

Health Fitness Revolution team will go into every segment of society and pick it’s leaders and heroes in healthy lifestyle in order to create strong ambassadors who can be a great example for their followers, fans, voters, students, and employees.


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