Hollywood’s Top 10 Fittest Rising Stars 2021: the Actors


Every year, young and fresh new talent rises in Hollywood. Many of these talented young people will go on to win awards- Oscars, Grammys, Emmys- you name it. A lot of them will garner international fame and endorsements, all of which come with a lot of attention and pressure. Being in the public eye is not easy and can be stressful. Being active, however, has been shown in many studies to help with stress management. Not to mention, that many young children and teens will look up to these rising stars as role models, so picking active, healthy idols is important!

Here are the 10 hot young actors to watch (ahem…ogle) in 2021:

Patrick Schwarzenegger

  • Wakes up daily at 5 am to workout because it’s not only a physical strain but a mental one as well. Said he learned committing to a plan- and working out- from his dad.
  • Enjoys it all- hikes, walks, swimming, weights “It just depends on the day. I always like to switch it up. I go to a strength and cardio class, going back and forth from the rower, to weights, to bodyweight stuff, and that’s the majority of what I do. That kind of gets that cardio aspect, and the weight part. It’s multifunctional.”
  • Is a fan of group workouts to push harder “Your subconscious realises that you want to work out harder, and you want to work out more. You want to become better and it creates that aspect of community. When there are other people around me, it makes me want to perform.”
  • Health and fitness takes time “It’s a longer process than people hope for. You can’t just want to go to the gym for a week and then want to see results, and just expect to lose a bunch of weight. It takes time and it takes patience and you have to know that going in.”

Regé-Jean Page

  • The 31-year-old actor has revealed how he religiously followed an intense “Rocky-style” workout regime every morning, which involved daily gruelling PT sessions.
  • There’s a lot of physical activity involved, so I was on the full Rocky regime for it,” the Zimbabwean-born actor said in a recent interview. “I was up at 5 am every day, going to the gym, meeting my trainer.” 
  • Rege-Jean’s brutal training sessions would last for an hour and a half, but he doesn’t regret it.
  • He even added “Luckily, the pretentious actor in me could justify that, because I always start building a character from what their physical language is. But you are also serving the audience in a genre that is about fantasy and glamour.”
  • Regé-Jean Page does acknowledge that shooting and training for boxing were not really easy for him. “They were some of the most challenging days in terms of doing many takes that were as close to the real thing as you’re going to get, but we had some fantastic trainers,” he said. Nonetheless, he was satisfied with it and wanted to make some changes in himself. “There’s a very specific type of feeling of reward when you walk away from work physically exhausted at the end of the day, and knowing that’s going to look great,” he added.

Ross Fleming Butler

  • Featured men’s health 
  • Freshman year at Ohio State University, had aspiring bodybuilder roommates who inspired him to lift and intake more protein
  • For cardio, enjoys low impact cycling.
  • Drinks a shot of Apple Cider vinegar every morning
  • Adheres to strict nutritional plan for roles
  • Works out at DogPound
  • Fasts until 1 p.m. daily
  • For sugar fixes, he eats fruit
  • Takes around 15 vitamins a day
  • While he was playing high school aged roles, he had to stay slim- now that he’s been cast in more action roles, he can bulk up.
  • Makes fitness part of his routine because he enjoys eating.

Miles Teller

  • For his role in Top gun 2, he trained for two and half months with Jason Walsh to pack on 20 pounds of muscle to portray the trainee pilot.
  • Gave Men’s Health a bodyweight workout routine video that can be done anywhere. 
  • This isn’t the first time he’s transformed his body for a role, he previously went for 20% bodyfat to 6% in 2016.
  • According to Mens Health, he cut out alcohol and avoided cheat meals. He trained like hell for five months straight, each day consisting of a five-mile run and a ton of boxing.
  • “The first thing was a long run to get the cardio up. I had to be able to last through a full boxing match during filming, so we had to build that up,” he said. “Then it was about four hours of shadowboxing, focus pads, heavy bag, speed bag, and jump rope. Once we got through that, we would do weight for about two hours. It ended with running through some of the combinations in the scenes for another hour or so. Then I had physical therapy, so we were spending the entire day in the gym.”

Jacob Elordi

  • For his role in Kissing Booth, he trained extensively according to Mens Health.
  • Elordi developed an intense fitness regimen that required him to be in the gym seven days a week, twice a day. 
  • The routine never changed—it was strictly about lifting.
  • He became resentful of only being known for his washboard abs, and decided to reduce his training intensity.
  • Now, instead of solely doing weights, he also incorporates 45-60 minutes of yoga and pilates a day, which he says he loves 
  • He uses yoga as a tool to stay centered and grounded in the midst of all the tumult in the world.
  • “[The Kissing Booth] was all about sculpting and making sure I had this figure that I thought the character needed,” he says of his evolution. “Now, it’s more functional. I wanted to be a blank canvas and be more concerned with my health. I wanted to be able to walk and run with my grandkids when I’m eighty-something, you know? It’s more about being functional as opposed to actual aesthetics. Let’s be honest—I have no interest in going to the beach and looking like The Rock.”

Xolo Maridueña

  • Does 90-95% of his own stunts on Cobra Kai
  • Played basketball and tennis in high school but said that nothing prepares you for the flexibility needed in martial arts
  • Does kickboxing
  • Cardio
  • Has to train in karate with renowned martial artist Simon Rhee
  • “We start off with some kind of cardio and a light stretch. If we’re not going over choreography, it’s usually HIIT training, doing circuits back-to-back. That could be 30 seconds doing pushups, 30 seconds doing jumping jacks, putting on the gloves and doing some sparring, just trying to keep that heart rate up. And then if we have choreography we’ll go into that.”
  • Has started getting into weight lifting
  • Going to the gym has been an escellent way to pass time in quarantine
  • Tries to eat smaller portions and avoid carbs when possible
  • The actor invited the Men’s Health crew into his training space with his trainer, Philip Moreno, to show off the workout and training routine that he uses to stay in shape for Cobra Kai‘s intense martial arts sequences.

Jonathan Majors

  • For his role in Lovecraft Country, he bulked up with the Military Fit Plus workouts on Darebee, a digital training platform, and got shredded.
  • Bike around NYC on a bike, in a red beanie (so he can be seen by drivers!)
  • Named Mountain Valley Spring Water as one of his “10 thing he can’t live without” on GQ YouTube- calling it “water from heaven.”
  • Enjoys drinking matcha tea.
  • Works out outdoors, in a field with friends- always bring his music player.
  • Men’s health interview

Noah Centineo

  • As he geared up for his role as He-man, he endured a rigorous training regimen
  • He told Entertainment Tonight that he’s having to eat A LOT to gain weight for the role “It’s a lot of eating,” he said, from the set of the To All The Boys sequel. “You would think it’s awesome but it’s like, 6,000 calories a day.” Mostly brown rice and plain protein.
  • Has said he’s been eating a lot of eggs
  • Has gained around 30 pounds of muscle
  • Enjoys playing basketball and needed surgery on his ACL in 2019 following an injury sustained in a game.
  • On Instagram, he listed out the weight lifting goals he’s reached. “My leg press was 1,008 pounds for 3 sets of 10 repping. My squat was 405 pounds for 10 reps, Bench: 225 for 10 reps.”

Tom Holland

  • His role in Spiderman required him to be in a calorie-deficit for 6 weeks and then bulk up during filming
  • Holland has a background in gymnastics and dance, which has allowed him to bring a physicality to the role that fans haven’t previously seen. On top of his acting work on set, he spent as much time as possible working with the stunt crews so he could step into the action whenever possible. 
  • To train, di low-state cardio, slow runs and sweaty HIIT sessions
  • To make training as painless as possible, had set up a gym in his house complete with versa climber and free weights. 
  • Park runs helped round out Holland’s marine physique.
  • Because Holland had to balance building muscle with making the drug addict section of the film believable, his trainer outlined in Mens Health the focus on multiple muscle groups each day for steady, even progress instead of a rapid bulk.
  • In order to get the vibe right, Holland decided he would launch off a trampoline into a backflip and then land in the frame with Gyllenhaal to deliver his lines. “He is so physical,” Gyllenhaal said during a press conference for the latest addition to the web-slinging franchise. “The way he moves is insane.”

Taylor Zakhar Perez

  • Surfs
  • Paddleboards
  • Hikes
  • Is adventurous
  • Enjoys wilderness camping
  • Favorite snacks include cut up apple and dark chocolate that’s so bitter, no one else wants to eat it.
  • Throughout quarantine, he has been enjoying a lot of nature hikes, frequently posting pictures in the great outdoors on his social media
  • Is a believer in cold therapy and partakes in cold plunges and cold showers
  • “just get out and get in nature, we have access to so much mountain and forest space that’s right outside our doors. Sometimes I just walk barefoot on the grass and I feel different. I know it’s hard sometimes to get motivated or back on track, but little moments like this make a huge difference” he wrote on instagram.

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