Houston Fitness Czar Approaches Schools

Knowledge is power- seminars offer valuable information to students

In an effort to reduce the rising obesity epidemic among our children in America, world-renowned fitness expert Samir Becic is reaching out to schools across Houston and offering them FREE health and fitness seminars for their students! Samir is also working in promoting a new program from UNICEF called Kid Power Program, which encourages American elementary school students to stay active with a special fitness band. Each participant tracks his or her steps, racking up points that are then converted into life-saving nutrition packets for malnourished children in developing countries.

Group workout with high schoolers

Samir Becic is the HarperCollins published author of ReSYNC Your Life, whose passion is combatting the childhood obesity epidemic by giving kids the information and tools they need to stay healthy and active throughout their lives. He is offering a complimentary seminar at schools to educate the youth on proactive ways to manage their stress and build a lasting and healthy lifestyle that will undoubtedly serve them for years to come.

Samir was recently proclaimed the official “fitness guru” for the city of Houston, a role in which he aims to make a lasting health impact on our city. Here’s his plan for the local schools: An important seminar where Samir channels his motivational skills into an energetic and informative presentation that convey the value of an active lifestyle. Convincing children to pursue activity teaches them how it translates to academic performance and well-being.

MacArthur HS seminar

Here are just a few of the ways health and fitness have been proven to benefit students:

  • It turns out that physical exercise acts as a multiplier on student performance, improving academic performance and student behavior.
  • Take a University of Georgia study that found 60 minutes of exercises benefits information processing.
  • Stanford report that shows a positive link between activity and creative thinking.
  • Physical activity is an excellent setting for social skills development, collaborative problem solving, practicing good sportsmanship, and providing a safe and healthy environment for children and teens to gather.

Tegeler High School

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