Sylvester Turner joins #PushUpsEverywhere


Houston Mayor Sylvester joins the #PushUpsEverywhere campaign after being challenged by Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic!

For 25 years, Sylvester Turner has been a champion for Houston’s middle class families. Sylvester Turner is running for mayor to bring more opportunities to Houston’s middle class families – because Houston works best when it works for all of us. The final election is this Saturday December 12th- please go out and vote!

In the video he challenges New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to do their 10 push-ups to raise obesity awareness in America. In the video, he states that if they do 10, he will do 20!

#PushUpsEverywhere is a campaign launched by Health Fitness Revolution to push America to become a fitter nation. The challenge consists of filming yourself or someone doing 10 push-ups, uploading to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, challenging two of your friends and tagging #PushUpsEverywhere.

Sylvester knows first-hand that, in the shadows of Houston’s growth and prosperity, there are too many communities still operating on the margins. Growing up in Houston’s Acres Homes community, Sylvester went from sharing one room with eight brothers and sisters to attending Harvard Law School, founding his own business and then becoming a champion in the state legislature for Houston’s middle class families.

As a small business owner, Sylvester has provided good jobs, affordable health care and a secure future for his employees for 31 years.

As our state representative, Sylvester stopped utility companies from unfairly raising gas and electricity rates, worked to make health care more affordable for children and families, and led the fight to restore billions of dollars in cuts to public schools.

Now Sylvester is bringing together a broad coalition of Democrats and Republicans, business leaders, unions and community groups to make sure that our city of opportunity works for all of us.

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