A List Of Common Hypochondriac Symptoms To Set Your Mind At Ease

hypochondriac symptoms

People who suffer from hypochandria may think minor symptoms are deadly signs of illness. Being in tune with your body can be a beautiful thing, but constantly jumping to the conclusion that you have a serious illness every time you have a headache is not healthy. Some people even run to their physician for peace of mind when they have minor aches and pains. This rarely eases their worries. Living with hypochondria can take a huge toll on your bank account and can disrupt your daily life. Take a look at these red flags to see if you may be a hypochondriac:

Telltale Hypochondriac Symptoms

  • You use Google to search every symptom you believe to be experiencing.
  • You convince yourself that you are suffering a serious illness even if you have minor symptoms.
  • You run to the doctor for small aches or pains such as a headache or a stomach ache, convinced that you are dying of cancer.
  • On days that you feel fine, you convince yourself that you are suffering an illness.
  • Even after a physician ensures you that you are in good health, you are not convinced.
  • You may even consult other physicians for alternative opinions.
  • And after countless doctor’s visits, resulting in no confirmation in illness, you still worry about being chronically ill and that your sickness may progress.
  • This disorder has also shown to have links with obsessive compulsive disorder.

If this sounds like you, we advise you talk to a psychiatrist or doctor!

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