How to Get the Most Out of Studying


Everyone at Health Fitness Revolution is a life student, we are constantly trying to learn and push ourselves.  However, we understand that there are times when we all need to buckle down and study- which is why we made a list on How to Get the Most Out of Studying!

  • Avoid coffee, sugary drinks, and energy drinks.  They lead to an energy and attention crash later on.
  • Take Responsibility:  Always remember that success is dependent on you and the amount of time you choose to devote to it.
  • Discover when you are productive: observe yourself for a few days and note what time of day you are most productive, focused, and energetic.  Knowing whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening can greatly aid your studying.
  • Discover where you are productive: it’s important that you’re honest with yourself- although you might enjoy working in a bustling coffee shop, if you are most efficient alone in a home office, that’s the place to be for the study time.
  • Prioritize:  Know what is important to study and what is less important.  It’s about learning efficiently.

  • Flash Cards:  a tried and true method.  Writing things several times is a great way to memorize, and flash cards are a great way to quiz yourself or have someone quiz you.
  • Take frequent, short study breaks:  The brain can only hold attention for so long- so take a 5-minute break every 45 minutes.
  • Do some physical activity during your break:  Doing some push-ups, crunches, or jumping jacks during a short break will invigorate your mind, wake you up, get your blood flowing, and ultimately help you focus.
  • Sleep:  Adequate sleep is paramount to productivity.  Aim for 7-8 hours a night.

  • Study Outside: Curb boredom and enjoy the fresh air- you’re less likely to procrastinate that way!
  • Ask for Help:  If you keep re-reading a problem and cannot understand it, try something new.  Go get it explained to you by a professor, a tutor, or a classmate.
  • What? Where? When? How?: all this should be planned out before you study.  Decide what you’re going to study, where you’re going to do it, at what time, and the method you choose.


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