HRF Donates Laptop Computer to Bishop Kossie

HFR founder Samir Becic and Bishop Roy Lee Kossie in front of HFR Jeep

Samir Becic, founder of Health Fitness Revolution donated a computer to Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church, located in the Fifth Ward of Houston. Bishop Roy Lee Kossie and his congregation were very thankful for Becic’s donation and plan to use the computer for the church ministry. Bishop Kossie has served for over 60 years for his congregation in the Fifth Ward.

The Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church used to be a theater and later converted by Bishop Kossie into the church. With much effort and struggle, the neighborhood was one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Houston, with sexual trafficking, drugs, and many other crimes. But Bishop Kossie, with his family, stood there for decade and helped the neighborhood become a peaceful place. His church was an island of spiritual blessing for the neighborhood where many people took refuge.

Bishop Kossie is a hero for the Fifth Ward, and Health Fitness Revolution is more than honored to get an endorsement from him. He wishes HFR lots of blessings and much more success in this year.

Samir Becic, Johnny McGowan, and Bishop Roy Kossie
Latter Day Deliverance Church, a former theatre
Bishop Kossie giving blessings


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