Instant Noodles: Dangerous to Your Health?


They’re known as one of the most convenient and popular foods on grocery store shelves, but new research indicates that instant noodles, including ramen, could be a high risk factor for cardiovascular disease, particularly in women.

Researchers at the Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital (BHVH) conducted the study in South Korea, where consumption of instant noodles is high. They found that eating instant noodles two or more times a week was associated with cardiometabolic syndrome, which increases a person’s risk of developing heart disease and other conditions, such as diabetes and stroke. This could explain the increasing rate of disease and illness among South Koreans in recent years.

It’s important for us to know the effects of the foods we put into our bodies. With instant noodles and ramen being such a popular food, and not just in Asian populations, knowing the kinds of health risks this food poses can help us choose healthier options when it comes to our daily nutrition.

Read more about the study on Science Daily.

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