Introducing Our Newest Contributor: Weight Loss Expert Dr. Lori Shemek

dr. lori shemek

Samir Becic and the entire HFR team are thrilled to announce that Dr. Lori Shemek, a Nutrition and Weight Loss expert and author two books: How To Fight FATflammation! and Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!

Dr. Shemek’s research centers around the role inflammation plays in weight gain. She has identified certain foods, namely sugar, that are toxic to the body and contribute to weight gain. In an interview we conducted with her this April, Dr. Shemek explained that “Low-level or silent inflammation is a low-grade, chronic and systemic condition that is silently damaging tissues (including fat cell inflammation) and increasing risk of disease while contributing to a variety of health issues – including packing on the pounds.”

Dr. Shemek brings her unique ability to describe complex biological and physiological processes in relatable terms. She has shared her expertise with Woman’s Day, CNN, Shape, The Huffington Post, NPR, and more.

She is also an accomplished weight loss coach and motivator. Her 30-day program is customized to individual clients needs and has helped people around the world cope with food and sugar addiction. She is a Certified Nutritional Coach, Certified Life Coach, a Professional Health Coach, professional speaker, and is the weight loss expert for ABC’s Good Morning Texas.

We thank Dr. Lori for contributing to our cause and welcome her to the team! Read her first HFR article, 6 Tips to Reduce Stress and Keep Your Brain Young.

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