Jessica Lowndes Workout and Fitness Routine


Celebrities get all the attention, which means they have to look good for the paparazzi, so they have to eat healthy and workout. Forget the scandals and the dating drama, give us their diet and workout routines! Celebs have the benefit of working with expensive trainers and nutritionists to stay red carpet ready, so we’ve done the research and passed it along to you. Jessica Lowndes, best known for her role on the modern-day 90210 and who posts her workouts on her social media almost daily, is the feature for this Celebrity Workout.  Here is the Jessica Lowndes workout routine:

“I love yoga, and I love circuit training where you can do five exercises, 15-20 reps of each exercise, and I do it five times in a row – it only takes twenty minutes, and you can do it anywhere. You feel instantly better.”

  • Frequently shares workout videos of her workouts for her fans to see on her Twitter and Instagram
  • Drinks a lot of water
  • Loves yoga, circuit training
  • If she doesn’t have time to go the gym on the road, does sit-ups, pushups, jumping jacks and planks in her hotel room
  • Says she craves healthy food and loves oatmeal
  • Believes moderation is the key to health


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