Just 1 Soda A Day Increases Risk of Prediabetes 46%


“Everything in moderation” is a good guiding principle, but how do we know when we’ve stepped over the line? For example, how much soda is too much? Just 1 soda a day can’t be too bad. After all, your co-worker drinks 3 during the workday alone!

Well, new research from Tufts University suggests that even one 12 oz can of soda a day counts as regular, not moderate, consumption of soda. And daily drinkers face a significantly higher risk of prediabetes and increased insulin resistance.

Published in the Journal of Nutrition, the study followed 1,685 adults for 14 years, keeping a record of the sugary beverages they consumed. For the purpose of the study, sugary beverages included soda, lemonade, and fruit punch, but not fruit juices. Researchers also monitored diet soda consumption.

The results of the study found that daily drinkers had a 46% higher risk of diabetes after the 14-year trial. In addition, high consumers charted 8% higher insulin resistance scores. Insulin resistance is a major contributor to type-2 diabetes, a growing epidemic in the United States that affects 29 million American adults.

“Although our study cannot establish causality, our results suggest that high sugar-sweetened beverage intake increases the chances of developing early warning signs for type 2 diabetes. If lifestyle changes are not made, individuals with prediabetes are on the trajectory to developing diabetes,” said Nicola McKeown, Ph.D.

The study did not find a similar correlation between diet soda and increased insulin resistance and rate of prediabetes.

So what should you do if you’ve been drinking soda on the daily for years and have high insulin resistance? The good news is that pre-diabetic and diabetic are not the same. It’s not too late! Changes in diet and increased exercise and physical activity can help regulate insulin levels. This list of superfoods for diabetics can help manage glucose.

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