Kelly Slater Workout


The world renowned surf champion Kelly Slater workout:

“It’s all about where your mind’s at.”


  • Accomplishments:
    • ASP World Tour Champion 11 times, with more world titles than any other athlete in a major sport ever
    • 1st surfer ever to be awarded two perfect scores under the ASP scoring system
    • Still currently ranked 2nd best surfer in the world
    • Kelly holds three Guinness World Records and the record for being both the youngest and oldest surfer to win a title. A record that Kelly himself keeps breaking
    • Nicknamed “the machine”
    • Has won more titles than the next three best surfers combined
  • Workout and Fitness:
    • Doesn’t limit himself to surfing as physical activity, but rather participates in a wide range of sports and athletics
    • Competed in the X-games in 2003 & 2004
    • Participates in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, yoga, boxing, and golfing
    • Personal fitness routine includes strength exercises including push-ups
    • Sleeps 8 hours a night and wakes up early
  • Diet and Nutrition:
    • Starts his day with hot water with lemon, followed by a light, fruit-based breakfast (like a smoothie! – he drinks vegan smoothies, and sometimes throws greens in)
    • Cleanses his body with tea, his favorite being kombucha
    • A fan of steak, chia seeds, coconut water, and a variety of different fruits
    • Likes to know where his food “comes from”, primarily eating fresh, local, unprocessed foods
  • Community Involvement:
    • Spokesperson for suicide prevention, and participates in fundraising activities like the celebrity event for Surfers Against Suicide
    • Member of  the Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
    • Donates to Reef Check, working to preserve oceans and protect coral reefs off the west coast of the US

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