Lakewood’s Healthy Living Class with Samir Becic

Lakewood Healthy Living Class

Samir Becic, creator of the ReSync Method and founder of Health Fitness Revolution, and his Lakewood team are making a strong impact in America’s largest mega-church- Lakewood Church!  They have an ongoing Healthy Living Class that meets weekly on Mondays from 8:30-9:30 pm.  Starting September 22nd, the class will be held on Sundays at 10 am after the first service and before the second service to be more accessible to the Lakewood Congregation.  The classes will be very educational and inspirational in terms of healthy lifestyle and spiritual balance.

In January 2012, Lakewood held it’s first annual Health and Fitness Challenge- one of the first of it’s kind of any mega-church in the US.  Joel Osteen is considered one of the fittest pastors in America, and felt strongly about influencing his congregation in a positive way, to enhance their health and physical fitness.  The Lakewood Leadership entrusted Samir to use his expertise in devising a program that would engage the members of Lakewood to become proactive with their health.  To do so, Samir put together a strong team of experts in fitness, nutrition, and spirituality to aid the congregation of Lakewood in becoming more educated in terms of healthy lifestyle.

Since then, many other churches have followed suit in creating Health and Fitness Challenges. This, in itself, is a testament to the power of changing lives through health and fitness that incorporates spiritual balance.

“With Lakewood, one of the largest churches in America putting so much effort into the health and fitness of its congregation, it is a great motivation and influence for other congregations to follow. I am thankful to Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen and their congregation for giving me their blessing to use my knowledge and experience to provide the information and guidance necessary to make this challenge a success to all the participants involved. It also helps that Pastor Joel Osteen is a very fit person who encourages his congregation to live a healthier lifestyle – he believes that by being a healthier version of yourself, you can become all that God has created you to be.”

– Samir

We are extremely excited to be planning the 2014 Lakewood Healthy Living Challenge, which will be a continuation and progression of the original Health and Fitness Challenge.  We will be involving many celebrities to share their experiences and knowledge about healthy lifestyle.  Very soon, we will be able to give more detailed information about the Project!



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