Late Night Web Surfing Can Lead to Depression


Late nights watching TV and surfing the web have become a popular hobby. In recent years, this habit has worsened with the introduction of new tech gadgets like tablets and smartphones. It has also become more apparent that our eyes are glued to our screens. However, the constant use of these devices can have negative mental health effects, especially in people who stare at the screen in the hours before they go to bed. These mental health effects can cause depression to creep up.

At the Ohio State University Medical Center, a teamĀ of neuroscientists studied levels of depression in hamsters. They applied the results to humans and theorized that growing exposure to artificial light in the past half century has caused depression rates to worsen, particularly in women. They believe that women are twice as likely to be subjected to depression due to the effects of artificial light.

These effects can be reversed by putting down the screens and going back to a regular light-dark cycle and minimizing your exposure to artificial light at night. So before bed or even after dinner, put down the screen and spend some time with family rather than sitting in front of the TV or computer.

Information gathered from Inquisitr.

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