Listen to a Podcast While You Work Out


While working out, people love to tune in to their favorite music because it makes exercising fun and pushing through the last set is easier when the beat drops. However, people should consider working out as a great time to think and mentally refocus on different aspects of their lives such as fitness and personal goals.

One way to focus your brain is through podcasts because they are informative, relaxing, and even funny. They are a great way to stimulate the brain and help open your mind to new ideas. Here are 4 reasons to why you should listen to a podcast:

  1. Something to Look Forward To

Once you discover the podcast series you love, you will be looking forward to listening to next episode and workout! It will definitely cut time from shuffling through different playlists until you find the perfect song to get pumped. If you want to have a good laugh, consider listening to podcasts from your favorite influencers such as musicians, actors, and YouTubers. Snoop Dogg, Shane Dawson, Shaq, the Try Guys, and Anderson Cooper are just a few suggestions.

  1. Can Be Relatable

Podcasts can bring a fresh energy to your workout by listening to people sharing life experiences similar to yours. By listening to relatable stories it may help build your confidence and help you out of depression by realizing you are not alone. You can listen to success stories that will give you the extra push to keep moving like “Half Size Me” hosted by a mom who lost 170 pounds.

  1. Help You Find Inspiration

Sometimes you get so caught up in your daily routine that you don’t have time to sit down and think about where you are in life and how far you are from your personal goals. We may get so consumed by living that we forget how to live. Thankfully, you can use your workout time to focus and tune out distractions by listening to motivational or educational podcasts. You can listen to  “Inspire Nation” if you want to meditate and find yourself at a spiritual level. “The Daily Boost” is a self-help podcast series that sets out to help you reduce stress and find what makes you happy.

  1. Expand Your Way of Thinking

The world of podcasts is wide-ranging, there are million of series and topics you can explore. From exercise and nutritional advice like “Ben Green Field Fitness” to learning about worldly topics such as art, culture, media, and technology from “TED Radio” and “Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything”. There is no reason why you shouldn’t expand your knowledge!

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