LIVE UPDATES: Samir’s Third EXTREME Marathon/ Fight Against Obesity in Sugarland, TX


Samir has officially completed 2 of his 8 marathons with extra compressed weights equal to a 73.5 lbs weighted vest! His third marathon is TODAY in Sugarland, TX at the USA Fit Marathon, Fort Bend Kia Half Marathon, and Simon Spine 5K.

Becic will be running 8 full Marathons in an 8-week time frame between January 14, 2018, and March 11, 2018, wearing compressed weights equivalent to 73.5 pounds weighted vest. When the 73.5-pound vest is multiplied by 1.6 to make it equivalent to human weight, it equals 117.6 pounds. With Becic weighing in at 215 pounds, the total load on his body will equal 332.6 pounds.

Samir started his mega challenge with the Houston Marathon and will finish with his final marathon being the “I Ran Flagships Marathons Bosnia and Herzegovina” trail marathon in Navarro, Texas.

Becic completed the full 26.2-mile Chevron Houston Marathon on January 14th, 2018, wearing a compressed weighted vest and shorts equivalent to 73.5 pounds or an 118 lbs living body. He ran the marathon in 5:52.48 and his live updates can be seen here. Last Saturday, he completed his second marathon in Dallas, and his live updates can be seen here. He hopes to improve on his time with each race.

Marathon #3 is happening NOW! Check in here for live updates of Samir’s progress in the USA FIT marathon in Sugar Land, Texas as we post Facebook Live videos and pictures as it’s taking place:

Mile 26.2 (THE FINISH LINE): Final time of 5:49:39.20 with an average pace of 13:21.

WHOOHOOO! Samir has crossed the finish line. Not only did he cross, but he did it in style. As the announcer said, “Samir [is] carrying a lot of weight on him”. Through the trials and tribulations, Samir completed the marathon. We knew you could do it Samir.

Stay tuned for marathon number 4. Samir is almost at his halfway point for 8 marathons in 8 weeks.

Mile 24:

Samir is just 2 mile away from the finish line. These 73.5 lbs compressed weights are taking a toll on his body. However, his attitude of determination and motivation will get him to the finish line. We know you can do this Samir. Tweet @SamirBecic with #FINISHSTRONG!


My legs are starting to cramp at 24 miles, but look how close we are!

Posted by Samir Becic on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mile 20:

Samir is at mile 20, and this marathon is starting to take a toll on his body. However, his spirit is still high, and this cause is greater than the pain he is enduring. His pain is the gain for awareness to get fit and healthier. We must take action against the raising rates of obesity. EFFORT IS THE KEY! You’re almost there Samir.

Mile 17

Samir dedicates this marathon to the city of Houston and it’s very own Mayor Sylvester Turner. Without the support of Houston and Mayor Turner behind Samir, the impact of obesity awareness will not have been as impacted. Samir is getting restless, but his strength to continue and keep going is much bigger than himself. It takes a selfless act to bring a change! Keep going Samir!


This one is for you, Sylvester Turner! Thank you for everything you do for my great city of Houston, and your drive to make this city the fittest and healthiest one yet!

Posted by Samir Becic on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mile 15:

It’s already mile 15? Time is flying by. Samir is still in good spirits, and we know the finish line is waiting for him! Don’t forget to tweet @SamirBecic for success to the finish line.


I’m finally done with mile 15 and I’m still feeling amazing! Come on America, let’s get fit!

Posted by Samir Becic on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mile 13.1:

Samir has reached the half way mark of the marathon, and he is in good spirit. He can see progress from the first two marathons, but this is not as easy as it look. Keep going Samir, you guys are almost there! Tweet @SamirBecic to wish him and Way success to the finish line.


I’m at the halfway mark, finally! Let’s keep going!

Posted by Samir Becic on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mile 7: 

Samir is finishing approximately 7 to 7.5 miles with his friend Way. They both shared some great messages about getting healthier, and losing weight. All it takes is one step at a time, and simple task like walking around the block.

Beginning of race:

Samir is energized this morning and ready to go! Here Samir discusses his cause for fighting the obesity epidemic in America.

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