The Lost Movie at WorldFest Houston


The 48th Annual WorldFest Houston International Film and Video Festival will be held April 10-19 2015 and movie by director Damir Catic is one of the featured films.

Featured in this festival will be Damir Catic’s short film The Lost, about a couple lost in the woods after their car broke down. running away from looming storm they found the refuge in an abandoned house that hide a sinister secret. It is part of the “Channeling Anthology Of Terror” (Still in production).

Damir Catic is not only a very talented screenwriter and director, he is also a longtime friend of Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic.

To support the local arts, please go see The Lost and other films at the Houston International Film and Video Festival.

The screenings for The Lost are:

7:00 PM, Tuesday the 14thTickets
Evening Program #14: Local Shorts
3:00 PM, Sunday the 19thTickets
Matinee Program #25: Local Shorts
3:00 PM, Sunday the 12thTickets
Matinee Program #12: Horror and Thriller Shorts

Runtime: 22:19 | English | United States

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