Mayor Turner’s Proactive COVID-19 Tips for Houstonians

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner self-taping for his live segment with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Source: Twitter @sylvesterturner

Since Houston has recently become a hotspot in the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mayor Sylvester Turner continues to be a proactive proponent of educating Houstonians on how to stay safe. Mayor Turner has been a daily staple on national news media since the pandemic began and continues to be a voice of reason as the fourth-largest city in America sees a surge in COVID-19 cases. Houston houses the largest medical center in the world, and it’s ICU’s are at full capacity as of last week. Official Fitness Czar Samir Becic sends his unequivocal support to the Mayor in his efforts to keep Houston healthy and safe.

Here is Mayor Turner’s advice to all Houstonians to help flatten the curve and stay safe during these difficult times:

1. Wear a mask

We wrote about all the science behind why you should be wearing a mask– they work!

2. Avoid large crowds

Here are some fun activities we compiled that you can do with your kids from home!

3. Work remotely from home

We even wrote an article on ways to be more productive while working from home.

4. Virtual worship service (and/or therapy and telehealth)

5. Social distance

We wrote an article about 20 Summer activities you can do while social distancing.

6. Stay home if sick

Read our article about the 10 best supplements to boost your immune system.

Listening, Gardening, Yoga, Working, Watching, Cooking, Sewing, Playing and Listening Music are all things you can do at home if you test positive for COVID but are asymptomatic

7. Get tested

If you test positive, let anyone who you have been around know, and self-quarantine.

8. No home parties

With technology, there are so many ways to stay connected with friends- here is why staying socially distanced is important.

Use technology and do fun video conferencing with friends rather than in person gatherings!

9. Wash hands often

For 20 seconds, with soap!

10. Take this virus seriously

COVID-19 is a serious virus that can cause many health issues beyond death. Many people who have recovered from Coronavirus, still have symptoms months later. As a novel (new) virus, scientists and doctors are still learning a lot about the long term health effects it may have on the body, and the best way to mitigate it is to keep your immune system strong, wear a mask, and stay socially distanced when outside!

Let’s all play our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19 so our frontline healthcare workers don’t get overwhelmed.

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