Want Better Health? Try Meditating!


Health Fitness Revolution always emphasizes the importance of living a life that is well balanced- which is a major component of health.  This can sometimes prove to be a challenge in the fast paced, stressful world we live in.  Stress is a known cause of mainly ailments we suffer from such as depression, high blood pressure, digestive issues, and memory problems.

This is precisely why it is so important to take time out everyday for yourself and meditate.  Meditation time can be as simple as laying down with your eyes closed for 10 min and just focusing on breathing and clearing your mind.  It is an important time to slow down, feel your body, and not stress about all the little things you worry about every day.

Here are reasons why Health Fitness Revolution believes you should incorporate meditation into your daily lifestyle routine:

  •  It leads to neuroplasticity: Which is your brain’s ability to change, something very important as you age.
  • It increases gray matter: Which is associated with attention, memory, and decision making.  It also means your brain is aging at a slower pace.
  • It can be better than sleep: A study tested alertness levels of people who had napped, meditated, and watched TV.  Those that had meditated were 10% more responsive and alert than the two other groups.
  • It lowers blood pressure: In a three-month study, 80% of those that meditated everyday saw a reduction in blood pressure

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