Please Donate To Bosnia, Serbia, & Croatia


The founder of Health Fitness Revolution Samir Becic is asking all his friends and supporters to donate to this charitable cause in order to minimize the effects of the disastrous floods that have hit the Balkan region.

With your help, lives can be saved in Bosnia, Serbia, & Croatia. Someone’s home can be repaired with your donations, and families can have a meal on the table.

How to Help in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Donate Red Cross of the Federation of B&H

Donate to Red Cross of Republika Srpska

Donate to the MOZAIK Foundation, one the most respected community foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How to Help in Serbia

Donate to Red Cross Serbia

Donate to the “General support” fund of the TRAG Foundation, one of the most respected foundations in Serbia.

How to Help in Croatia

Donate to Red Cross

Donate to Croatian Caritas


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