Pope Francis – The Fittest Religious Leader in the World


Samir Becic, 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the world and the Health Fitness Revolution team did research and found the Fittest Spiritual Leader in the World.  With this article, we want to alert other religious and spiritual leaders to be more physically fit and active in order the represent their faith and beliefs in the best light for the 21st century.

“The wealth (read = health) and prosperity of a nation is dependent on the health and physicality of it’s people.”-Samir Becic

With this being said, Health Fitness Revolution will go into every segment of society and pick it’s leaders and heroes in healthy lifestyle in order the create strong ambassadors.

We first researched all the available data on religious/spiritual leaders online and narrowed it down to 25. Then, we did more extensive research to narrow it down 10, and then finally 1. We used a combination of interviews, internet, library, industry literature, and Samir’s knowledge of over 33 years in athletics coupled with his experience as 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the world.

Our choice is His Holiness Pope Francis. The reasoning behind this decision is based on the tremendous spiritual impact Pope Francis has had on the world since his inauguration.

“Spiritual health is fundamentally important to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.”-Samir Becic

No other religious/spiritual leader has made such a positive impact in the world in less than a year.  Having one lung removed as a teen, and living since then with solely a singular lung,the 76-year old is a testament that living a healthy lifestyle can overcome many odds. He clearly demonstrates that his surgery did little to hamper his ability to live a full and active life. Regardless of this obstacle, he continues to spread a tremendous spiritual health message worldwide that is influencing people regardless of their religions or spiritual beliefs.

Pope Francis is a great example of how a healthy body, an active mind, and a giving heart can truly influence the world we live in.



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