Pre-Diabetes May Increase Risk of Cancer


A recent meta-analysis study of 16 studies based around signs of pre-diabetes was recently published in Diabetologia, which is the journal of European Association for the Study of Diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is the beginning stages of diabetes, which means while one may not have diabetes yet, one is at risk for getting it soon if something is not done. This normally requires a change in eating habits and beginning an exercise regimen.

This meta analysis study founded that pre-diabetes boosts your risk of developing cancer by 15%! That’s a significant increase that could be easily avoided with the correct diet and exercise.

Previous research had found the same links between pre-diabetes and cancer but just to be sure the researchers of this meta-analysis analyzed 16 studies which included more than 890,000 people from Africa, Asia,Europe, and the United States. The study confirmed the overall rate to be an increase of cancer risk by 15%, but when looking at individual cancers, each had a different risk percentage. The study showed that pre-diabetes was linked to the significant increase in stomach/colorectal, liver, pancreas, breast, and endometrial cancers. The researchers found no significant association of risk between pre-diabetes with lung, prostate, ovarian, kidney, or bladder cancers. Liver cancer had the highest association of risk with pre-diabetes.

This is a problem that could easily be avoid with the right diet and exercise!

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