#PushUpsEverywhere gaining momentum

gaining momentum

When we originally started the #PushUpsEverywhere campaign, we gave ourselves 6 months to go viral worldwide. And we are gaining momentum!

Now, two weeks in, more and more people are joining in, making this campaign even more exciting, in addition to spreading the message faster than anticipated!

This being said, stay tuned for the new promotional #PushUpsEverywhere campaign! Let’s see if we can surprise you, motivate you, challenge you, or make you smile 🙂

#PushUpsEverywhere is a campaign launched by Health Fitness Revolution to push America to become a fitter nation. The challenge consists of filming yourself or someone doing 10 push-ups, uploading to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, challenging two of your friends and tagging #PushUpsEverywhere.

Your donations will go towards creating school programs to lower the childhood obesity rate, programs for adults in community centers and churches, and the promotion of healthy lifestyle to the public.

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