Recalled Dietary Supplements Could Still Be Dangerous


Often times, you may hear of dietary supplements being recalled from store shelves due to dangerous substances that are detrimental to your health. But a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that even when these recalled supplements return to the market, they might still be contaminated.

A total of 27 recalled supplements were analyzed for the study, all of which were said to aid weight loss, sports enhancement or sexual enhancement. Each contained either anabolic steroids, strong prescription drugs, or the banned amphetamine-like substance Sibutramine, which is known to increase risk of stroke or heart attack. Once these products returned to the shelves months later, researchers with Harvard Medical School found that the majority (63%) still contained the exact same dangerous ingredients.

By law, supplements are not as closely monitored by the FDA compared to prescription drugs, simply because the dietary supplements are considered safe to consume unless reports begin to surface about injury or health decline. In other words, the supplement companies are held accountable for releasing a safe, risk-free product.

Until the day that lawmakers are able to change the policy regarding the safe distribution and sale of dietary supplements, consumers should be wary of what they are purchasing. But just to be safe, it’s better to avoid supplements altogether and do things the natural way.

Study findings taken from a report on Medical News Today.

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