The Top 10 Tips To Reduce Eyestrain

tips to reduce eyestrain

Have a headache? Well that’s because you are probably straining your eyes to read this right now! Too many of us spend all day staring at screens (TV, phone, laptop, tablet) and suffer the consequences in the form of eyestrain. That’s why we collected the top 10 tips to reduce eyestrain.

Blink Frequently

Blinking frequently helps to rest the eyes in between intervals, blinking also helps to retain moisture back into the eyes.

Eye Exercises

There are yoga eye exercises, yes yoga eye exercises, and they improve your eyesight naturally. Usually, you need to do this for months to see results and the techniques include: creating insulation between the palms of your hands, then place them onto your eye lids until the warmth goes away. Blinking for ten times quickly, and sideways viewing in which you look to the corner of both of your eyes and repeat for 10-20 times.

Have Good Lighting

having good lighting while at work or studying is crucial because it ensures that you can see properly and better light makes it easier for the brain to function; straining your eyes can cause extremely poor vision. Make sure not to have too bright of screen or low, it should be in between a too much brightness can also cause eye strain.

Set Your Laptop A Good Distance From Your Face

Your mother was right when she said don’t sit too close to the television; it won’t cause permanent damage, but can cause eye strain.

Take A Break Every 30 Minutes

Taking a break every 15-20 minutes from the screen can greatly reduce your chances of eye strain and headaches associated with staring at the screen for too long.

Use Lubricating Eye Drops

Starting at a computer screen all day can stress your eyes out and dry them out, using lubricating eye drops helps to moisturize your eyes and feel more relieve.

Keep Monitor Bright

keep your monitor bright because it helps you navigate where you need to go. LCD screens have been upgraded to having anti-glare which helps lessen eye pain, fatigue, and headaches.

Minimize Glare On Computer

The glare on your computer can be very stressing for your eyes. The retina is light-sensitive so try avoiding any glares on your screens. Install a program like f.lux to naturally reduce glare on your computer and adjust it to a healthy level for your eyes. 

Keep Up With Eye Exams

Keeping up with optometrist appointments is an essential component of your eye care regime. So make sure to make an appointment each year for an annual eye check up to make sure your eyes are healthy! Optometrists can also catch diseases like diabetes early in life. 

Higher Your Screen Resolution

Don’t squint at a lo-res screen. Set your computer to the highest setting so that you aren’t squinting to make out the text in front of your face!

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