Lakewood Church Resync Method To Improve Fitness Since 2011

Lakewood Church Resync Method To Improve Fitness Since 2011
Samir having some fun and motivating a class at Lakewood Church

Samir Becic, creator of the ReSync Method and founder of Health Fitness Revolution, and his Lakewood team are making a strong impact in America’s largest mega-church- Lakewood Church! Lakewood Church ReSYNC Method is changing lives for the better.

Since November 2011, Lakewood has been hosting it’s annual Health and Fitness Challenge in addition to an array of weekly health and fitness classes.  Joel Osteen is considered one of the fittest pastors in America, and felt strongly about influencing his congregation in a positive way, to enhance their health and physical fitness.  The Lakewood Leadership entrusted Samir to use his expertise in devising a program using his signature ReSync Method that would engage the members of Lakewood to become proactive with their health.  To do so, Samir put together a strong team of experts in fitness, nutrition, and spirituality to aid the congregation of Lakewood in becoming more educated in terms of healthy lifestyle.

To date, thousands of people at Lakwood Church have benefitted and continue to benefit from the unique and effective ReSync Method.

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