ReSync Method On Great Day Houston

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Myth: You have to go the gym, or at least outside, to get exercise.
Reality: You can do a workout that kicks your butt while our sitting on it.

HFR founder Samir Becic proved this point yesterday on KHOU Great Day Houston, the most popular talk show in Texas. The show is hosted by Emmy-winning Deborah Duncan, a personal friend of Samir’s for many years. Deborah and KHOU team do a fantastic job of promoting health and wellness in Houston. Yesterday, she had a panel of doctors, pharmacists, cooks, and our very own Samir to teach about the components of healthy lifestyle.

Samir taught the studio audience a few of his ReSync Method moves, and everyone got involved. Cores tightened and feet hovering above the ground, the audience learned that just 10 seconds on the couch can make a huge impact on health.

Samir designed the ReSync Method for everyone: people with knee injuries, the elderly, office workers, and kids on their way to school can all master and benefit from the moves. Oh, and it’s way more effective than most normal gym routines, burning more calories in less time than a treadmill workout.

Watch Samir on Great Day Houston:

Samir has been dishing diet and fitness advice on Deborah Duncan since 2008. He thanks Deborah and Great Day Houston for being allies in the fight to make Houston the fittest city in the nation!

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