Rudy Tomjanovich and Samir Becic – Balkan Brothers

Rudy Tomjanovich

Health Fitness Revolution founder and 4-time #1 Fitness Trainer in the world Samir Becic and two-time NBA World-Champion and gold-medalist basketball coach Rudy Tomjanovich are connected through many years of friendship.

Together, they have appeared in the media over 20 times and Samir was his fitness trainer for several years. Rudy Tomjanovich, although born in the U.S., has ancestry that links back to Croatia. Samir was born in Bosnia, the country that neighbors Croatia – both form the Balkan peninsula. Now, they are standing together to raise awareness in the U.S. for the Balkan Floods – which we wrote about here. Both feel emotionally connected to the people in the Balkan region, which is why although the floods have now subsided, are asking for your help in rebuilding the area with damages in the $5 billion.

For more information on donating, please click here. They are urging Americans to donate to the region, and are asking the media to take a more proactive role in informing people about the floods and their widespread damage.

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