Samir Becic Attempts Guinness World Record With 140lb Weighted Vest


America is suffering from an obesity crisis. Right now 1 in 3 Americans is obese, so they have to carry an extra 50lb with them everywhere they go. Some have to carry much more than that. The extra weight impairs mobility and increases fatigue, making life harder for even the simplest daily activities. This public health crisis needs attention, with more resources dedicated to nutrition education and physical fitness.

That’s why Samir Becic is walking a mile in the shoes of the obese. At a starting weight of 204lbs, Samir is executing a 3 stage plan wearing heavier weight each time. For the past two days Samir has worn a 50lb weighted vest day and night. He is documenting his physiological and mental distresses caused by the extra weight via video on social media. He will finish out the week in a 50lb vest.

Then Samir will wear a 100lb vest day and night for 1 week.

Then he will wear a 150lb vest everywhere day and night for 1 week, bringing his total weight up to 350lbs.

At 350lbs, Samir will fall into the category of “extremely obese,” joining 6% of the US population who is over 100 lbs above the healthy weight classification and have on average 6 1/2 year shorter lifespan.

samir becic flying push up

Samir Attempts World Record

In addition to raising awareness about the obesity crisis, Samir is attempting the Guinness World Records for longest time wearing the heaviest weighted vest. He will continue his normal workout and training routine while he attempts the challenge.

Follow his progress on Facebook for live video feeds and continual status updates.

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