Samir Becic & Mayor Sylvester Turner Discuss Houston Health

samir becic and mayor sylvester turner Houston Health

Samir is dedicated to making Houston the fittest city in the nation. But he is not alone in the fight. No one is more committed to turning Houston from one of the fattest to one of the fittest cities than our very own Mayor Sylvester Turner.

This week, Samir Becic met with the mayor of Houston to discuss exciting possibilities for the future of the city. Mayor Turner has launched multiple healthy living initiatives to create a more vibrant city. He plans to create hundreds of miles of new bicycle trails to get people out of their cars (and out of traffic). He also continues Go Healthy Houston, which helps get healthy food to underprivileged areas and promotes physical activity.

Samir has some ideas that he shared with the mayor. He believes that the only way to enact change is to engage all levels of society, from the highest to the lowest.

That includes hosting educational seminars for students, teachers, schools, and parents with theoretical and practical applications. The objective of these seminars is to create healthier teachers so that they can cope with the enormous stress of their job and serve as an example for the students.

With Mayor Turner’s dedication and Samir’s experience as a renowned fitness expert, the city can come together and reduce childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. This won’t happen overnight, but in a few years we can shock the country and be a new example of what a motivated and healthy city looks like.

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