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Samir Becic is the creator of the revolutionary ReSync fitness method. His approach “uses the body’s own resistance and minimal weights to achieve greater and more defined results” and it does not require costly gym membership or expensive and bulky equipment. This method works on improving strength, muscle endurance, muscle synchronicity, the cardiovascular system, speed, flexibility, and balance.


After years of being a renowned martial arts expert in Europe Becic came to America and settled in Texas, where he went to work at Bally’s Total Fitness, which was the world’s largest health and fitness organization from 1983 until 2007. He worked at Bally’s for 8 years and 9 months–from June 2000 to February 2009. There he observed that people often injure themselves while exercising, even when using the proper technique and being under the supervision of a personal trainer. This inspired him to create a new method of training.


An April 2013 article praises his method for being a great and very cost-efficient way for beginners to start out. Although, the method works for everyone–it has even proven effective for pro athletes and those in the public eye. This article goes on to talk about his numerous awards and honors. One that really stands out is that he was recognized by the Men’s Journal as one of the “Top 100 Fitness Trainers in America”. Becic also received numerous awards from Bally’s and the Texas area.


In a recent “Investment Underground” interview Becic says “the structured and flowing training of Martial Arts provide[d] the background for the ReSync Method…[I]t is ideal for couples, friends and families who want to spend time together working out.” It is also at the core of Becic’s non-profit foundation, the Health and Fitness Revolution, which was founded in December 2011 and “aims to change the way people think about health and fitness, incorporating proper exercise and nutrition practices into the very fabric of family and society.”


“[B]y arming Americans with tools to live a healthy lifestyle…[The Foundation] teaches families how to exercise together….[using] workshops to educate children and their parents about the fundamentals of physical fitness and nutrition.” These workshops take place in schools, churches, and the like. It is no surprise that Becic is the director of the Health and Fitness Challenge at Lakewood church, a position that he has held since November 2011.


Currently Becic heads both of the organizations mentioned in the last paragraph as well as hosting his own radio program. The segment airs every Monday on KSBJ. Becic stays constantly busy, because aside from these 3 things and managing the ReSync fitness empire he also directs physical education programs at 3 private schools in his area. At these schools the very heart of his belief comes out: health and fitness is for everyone (including parents and teachers).



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