Samir Becic: “Stop the Harassment of Dr. Oz for His Stance on GMOs”


With the ongoing controversy surrounding celebrity health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz and his opinions on labeling foods with GMOs, Samir Becic, HarperCollins author of the book ReSync Your Life and world renowned health and fitness expert, speaks out in strong support of Dr. Oz’s stance on the issue.

Dr. Oz is not advocating that GMOs should be banned or declared unsafe, but rather he simply advocates that they should be labeled so that the consumer is aware of what they are eating. In reaction to the accusations on Dr. Oz, Becic says, “Stop the harassment of Dr. Oz for his stance on GMO labels.” As health advocates, both Dr. Oz and Becic strongly believe that all ingredients used in a product should be labeled.

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are products that have been genetically altered through genetic engineering techniques so they are not longer natural.

Becic, who has never endorsed, advertised or supported any products in his entire career, states that “U.S. citizens have the right to know what they eat.” He does not express an opinion on whether GMOs are harmful. As a four-time No. 1 fitness trainer in the U.S., Becic had plenty of opportunities to gain endorsements, but as of now, has turned them down.


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