Samir does ReSYNC Your Life book signing at iWi Life

Samir is ready to sign book copies! He is pictured with iWi and Qualitas Health CEO Miguel Calatayud.

Today, ReSYNC Your Life author Samir Becic attended a book signing at iWi life, a nutrition and wellness company who generously gifted their employees with a copy of the book!

Samir said at the signing: “I trust that this book will ReSYNC the iWi team to be even more successful in 2018!”

iWi is revolutionizing sustainable nutrition for a growing global community by harvesting Omega-3s straight from the source. 

Fish get their Omega-3s from algae, so they decided to skip the fish and go straight to the source – sustainably farmed algae. All their products are 100% vegan, non-GMO, sustainable, and offer the highest bioavailability of any other type of Omega-3.  That means more benefit to you and the planet you inhabit. Their products can be found at Vitamin Shoppes nationwide.

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Samir Becic signing copies of his book ReSYNC Your Life at iWi Life

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