Samir Presents ReSync Method at Leadership Conference

NOW Leaders Wealth Summit

Samir Becic found a captive audience for his ReSync Method at the NOW Leaders Wealth Summit. Donna McGowan’s Women of NOW hosted the event, an annual leadership conference for women in the Houston area. Donna asked Samir to present his innovative fitness program to the attendees.

Donna McGowan is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, leader and personal friend of Samir. She is an inspirational leader in the Houston community and organizes important conferences throughout the year. In March, she hosted the Women of NOW Conference. Samir Becic presented alongside Bravo star Jewel Tankard at the summit.

Keynote speakers at this weekend’s NOW Leaders Wealth Summit included business and spiritual leaders, as well as Judge Maria T. Jackson. Judge Jackson talked about how her faith brought her closer to her family and helped them achieve success over the years.

Samir was very grateful for being allowed to participate in the conference. He had this to say about the event: “Judge Jackson and Donna McGowan are two very intelligent and strong ladies who are fighting for their community through spiritual and intellectual means. I’m thankful to Donna McGowan for inviting me to their conference every year. It’s having a greater impact each year.”

Samir presents the ReSync Method
Samir presents the ReSync Method


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