The Secret To A Better Sex Life

Sex Life

A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that a more quality night’s sleep may be related to a higher level of sexual desire in women. There may be a restful – and easy – way to cure a lulling sex life!

In the study, researchers analyzed the sleeping quality and habits, including total sleep time and time to fall asleep, of 171 female college students and compared those habits to levels of sexual function in the following 24 hours. The researchers found that each extra hour of sleep corresponded to high levels of sexual desire, with an increase in likelihood of sexual activity over the next day.

While lead study author David Kalmbach at the University of Michigan said that more sleep will not fix all sexual problems between a couple, he did report that “sex life problems often have multiple contributing factors, including mood, relationship quality, partner availability and, now we know, sleep health. I think it is important for women and health care professionals to be mindful of the relationship between sleep and sexual response.”

Information gathered from New York Times.

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