Sports that Burn the Most Calories


The summer is almost here- which is a great time to get outdoors and try many new sports activities!  We promote being healthy and active no matter what you like, but we have also made a list of sports and recreational activities with the amount of calories they burn.

This list was created by Samir Becic, author of the fitness book ReSync Your Life (4X number 1 fitness trainer in America) and HFR team.

  • Boxing/ Kickboxing (640 cal/hour): Good upper body workout, coordination builder, and cardiovascular workout.
  • Running Fast (800 cal/hour): Good for cardiovascular endurance training.
  • Swimming Fast (900 cal/hour): although 200 meters of Butterfly stroke sprint can burn 100 calories in 3 minutes. It is the best full body exercise.
underwater picture of young female swimmer exercising in swimming pool
  • Rock Climbing (740 cal/hour): Less cardiovascular but very good for building muscle strength and coordination.
  • Cycling (700 cal/hour): it’s a great lower body, non-weight bearing exercise workout and cardio training but not much of an upper body workout.
  • Racquetball (600 cal/hour): good cardiorespiratory training, coordination-building, and with the twisting and pivoting, builds core flexibility.
  • Rowing (560 cal/hour):  builds up endurance, strength and muscle in your shoulders, thighs and biceps. The key to rowing is in the technique – coordinate the legs, back and arms to work simultaneously.
Rowers in Austin, Texas under Congress Bridge
  • Basketball (630 cal/hour): non-stop action is what makes basketball such a great cardiovascular exercise.  The shooting also improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Tennis (560 cal/hour):  it demands speed, agility, strength and reaction time.
  • Cross-country Skiing (480 cal/hour): Being in the snow already fires up your metabolism, and the varied terrain makes for a great interval workout.
  • Ice Skating (500 cal/hour): Has all the great benefits of running without the joint stress.
Modern family of father, mother and son skating in natural environment
  • Swing Dancing (360 cal/hour): a fun, cardiovascular workout with a partner!
  • Soccer (competitive) (800 cal/hour): a very high intensity running sport, it offers a great interval and sprinting regimen.
  • Golf (250 cal/hour): walking with your clubs (no golf cart!)


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