Sylvester Turner among the Top 25 Fittest Mayors in the nation

mayor sylvester turner

HFR magazine continues to be an annual resource in ranking US Politicians (mayors, senators, congresspeople, governors) on fitness and health. Across the nation, numerous national media are using our lists and reporting the information. Every year, we update our lists because we feel that it’s important our politicians continue to be good leaders by demonstrating healthy lifestyles themselves in addition to promoting it within their communities.

Samir is a long time supporter of Mayor Turner because he believes in his determination to make Houston one of the healthiest cities in US. “By becoming a healthier and fitter city, Houston will save hundreds of millions of dollars, corporations will be more productive, and our children will be healthier throughout their lives so that they can become the leaders of the future. I believe that Houston can compete with New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago faster than anyone thinks possible” says Becic.

HFR founder Samir Becic intends to use this list to motivate other mayors to be more active and fit in order to be the best ambassadors for their cities. The wealth and prosperity of a nation is dependent on the health and physicality of its people. “Every politician in the United States who is physically fit and promotes a healthy lifestyle in order to improve the future of our children has my vote, regardless of party” adds Becic.

We’ve been researching diligently over the past couple months and have narrowed our list down to 25 Mayors. Turner had previously made the cut to 100 and then 50. We went through all the available data on both currently incumbent and recently out of office mayors. Being a Houston-based organization, we are especially happy and proud to say the Mayor Sylvester Turner- who earlier this year gave us an exclusive interview– has made it into the Top 25! We know that Turner’s GO Healthy Houston initiative will continue positively impacting the city of Houston and help to remove it from the ominous “Fattest Cities in America” list.

Over the next few weeks we will narrow down our Fittest Mayors search to the final 10- stay tuned!

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