Fitness Tips From ‘Sex and the City’s’ Kim Cattrall

LONDON - MAY 12: (L-R) Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrall and Sarah Jessica Parker attend the World Premiere of 'Sex And The City'. (Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images)

Kim Cattrall, iconic star of “Sex and the City” and lead of Emmy-award nominated comedy Sensitive Skin, recently shared some diet and fitness tips for readers.

As the HFR team gears up to release our list of “Top Fittest Canadians,” we wanted to make sure our information was up to date for the celebrities on the list. So we reached out to her to see if she had any diet or health recommendations. She had a few things to say.

On her fitness routine:

kimcantrall1 And on her diet:

Kim Cattrall Diet

Which is a great idea for anyone with sleep trouble. Eating before bed can lead to insomnia and inflames heart burn.

Check back soon for our complete list of the healthiest Canadians.

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