Top 10 Apple Health Features


One of the most well-known technology companies, Apple, has for years made significant advancements in health-related features. More recently, they have released a new software update that brings new features that can better keep track of our health. Now, technology in our smartphones and watches can help us stay in the right direction towards a healthy lifestyle. If you are unfamiliar with what Apple has for its users. Don’t worry; HFR has you covered. We have researched the top 10 Apple health features you can start using. 

Fall Detection: Geared toward the senior population, this feature uses sensors in the apple watches series SE and four or later to detect motions that are similar to falls. In this, the watch detects a sudden fall; an SOS emergency option will pop up on display to see if you need help. If help is not required, you can press “I’m OK” to continue. It also goes a step further. In this case, you fall, and no movement is detected for about a minute. The watch will automatically call first responders if you are unresponsive or unconscious. The feature may seem useless initially, but it may be life-saving if no one is around to help you.  

Medication Reminders: This feature is one of the most significant updates on the new IOS 16. It is essential because many people struggle with taking medication primarily due to their busy schedules or just too many medications to keep track of. In this new feature, you can type in the name of the drug and the frequency, so it will send you a notification exactly when you need to take that particular medicine. In addition, it also gives you essential information about the medication you may need to know. For example, metronidazole is an antibiotic medication that cannot be taken if there’s alcohol in your system. The new IOS 16 will alert you on what to look out for when taking this medication. This feature aims to increase drug adherence, improving health for individuals who need medications to survive. Want to try it out 

Sleep: Another aspect of health Apple has been improving is sleep tracking. Apple recognizes that sleeping is an essential aspect of your health. To promote better sleeping patterns, Apple has made features in which people can wear their apple watch to sleep, and it will monitor motion and radial pulse to detect sleep. In addition, it has qualities to adjust sleeping times so it can “wind down” for the night and silence all notifications to reduce distraction and the urge to look at your phone to reduce blue light. 

Running: Although this feature has been out for years, the new update brings new capabilities. For example, now, more sensors are placed in the new watches to calculate the movement of the arm more precisely. In addition, the new feature gives more in-depth information for those who want to track their physical activity, such as swimming and running. Your strides, steps, and time while performing these extraneous workouts will be recorded for you to look at. 

Heart Health: Another great ability apple has for its users is heart health. Heart rate is the most basic form of health tracking, but it’s worthwhile. It allows you to remember how hard your heart is working to pump blood around your body. A great tip is that an average resting heart rate should be around 60-100 beats per minute (bpm). Sometimes you may notice that your heart rate may be above this range due to other factors such as stress or anxiety. This indicates that you may need to relax and take deep breaths for a few minutes. If this issue persists, you may need to talk to your doctor about the underlying problem. 

Medical ID: In case of an emergency, and the patient is unconscious, it is helpful to have some information about the patient. To help give them the proper treatment. One way apple has made this easier is by introducing medical ID cards, which allow first responders to see basic health information, including age, allergies, health history, and medications. With this information, the first responders can have some knowledge and a better plan to treat you during your emergency. 

Menstrual cycles: Apple has expanded its phone features to create an application to track menstrual cycles for women’s health. In addition to this feature, they provide feedback on what to expect on certain days. After months of data input, the phone can calculate your expected period days. To make this information more accurate, the new apple watches will use your temperature sensors to detect cycle periods and give you feedback based on their readings. 

AFIB: Also known as atrial fibrillation. It is a disorganized electrical signal that disrupts the flow of blood. This is an abnormal condition that is life-threatening if left untreated. What Apple has for its users is tracking the amount of time you have AFIB and then providing feedback on when you will most likely get one. You may use this information to solve this health problem through physical activity or diet, which has been found to decrease the frequency of this condition. 

Hand washing timer: Even though this is not the most exciting feature. Apple’s 20-second timer starts when it detects hand scrubbing and running water, a feature many overlooks. The remainder of the 20-second handwashing health maintains cleaner hands. Most people do not realize how long 20 seconds is until they time themselves. Because it is essential to stop the spread of viruses (Covid, cold, or Flu), a handwashing timer is a simple reminder to let you know to keep scrubbing. 

ECG: This, meaning electrocardiograph, is another excellent feature Apple has included that many people may not use. ECG is a reading of your heart’s electrical signals, which health professionals use to see if the heart is functioning correctly. In addition to AFIB detection, ECG reading will show you the graph of what it has read and tell you information about it for those who do not know how to read it or see the meaning behind the waves. To further help, apple has made the feature to download it to a pdf that can be shared with a health professional for consultation and guidance. 

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