Top 10 Fitness Tips From Exotic Dancers and Strippers


We all know strippers and exotic dancers have killer bodies. You can see the proof in stars who are former strippers like Cardi B and Amber Rose. The movie Hustlers goes behind the scenes and shows the lifestyle and rigorous schedule of an exotic dancer. What many people don’t realize is that strippers work tirelessly for their rock hard bodies. In fact, many exotic dancers take on the acrobatic aspect of the craft and do a lot of training to stay fit and in shape to perform. Pole dancing itself as a workout is becoming a fitness craze that is growing in popularity across the country. Here are some tips from exotic dancers that help them stay in killer shape!

Amber Rose and Cardi B

Squats Are a MUST 

Legs are important. As an exotic dancer, your legs are on display. After all your body is your moneymaker, so it’s critical that they have a good leg workout regimen. Strippers recommend the elliptical or bicycle, paired with squats and lunges.

Arm Strength is Critical

Arm strength is extremely important when you have to lift your entire body onto a horizontal pole. For this reason, many exotic dancers have incredible upper body strength. Most women actually gain their upper body strength from working out on the pole. Some strippers even have their own pole at home to work on their upper body. The good news is you can do the same. Enroll in a local pole dancing class to reap the benefits of exotic dancer workouts!

HIIT Workouts Make Workouts Quicker

One of the best ways to get a body like an exotic dancer is through high-intensity interval training. HIIT workouts are perfect for toning up and slimming down quickly. These workouts burn away fat and build lean muscle. The best part is, you don’t have to spend a ton of time doing it. A HIIT workout usually doesn’t last longer than 30-45 minutes and many of the workouts are much shorter. You can do HIIT workouts with bodyweight exercises or light weights and they can even be done in your living room while you watch Netflix!

Hanging Leg Raises Build Dancer’s Abs

One of the main ways that exotic dancers are able to do what they do is because they have unbelievable core strength. What better way to build core strength for acrobatic activity than hanging crunches. You can do them at the gym, the park or even at home if you own an over-the-door pull-up bar. You hang your body freely while holding on to the bar and you lift your legs up toward the bar. You can do this bending at the knee or with your legs straight as you gain more strength. Once you become an expert you can even flip upside down and lift your body up toward the sky. 

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a yoga practice that is great for toning the body! A contributor to Skinnytfit reveals that she and others in the industry practice this type of Yoga The difference between ashtanga yoga and other practices is that it has four distinct parts. An opening sequence, the main sequence, a back-bending sequence, and a finishing sequence and you can level up at your own pace. 

Flexibility is Key

It is recommended that you stretch for 15 minutes a day, holding each stretch that you do for around 30-60 seconds each (our favorites are here). Dancers usually stretch as much as 30 minutes before performances. Flexibility can help you recover faster from your workouts and accomplish more while you’re doing it! 


When it comes to an exotic dancer’s diet. You’ll want to eat 6 small meals a day. This is so you can rev up your metabolism and burn calories faster.  And you’ll want these meals to consist of healthy proteins and fats such as eggs or oatmeal. Strippers stay away from carb-heavy foods near the days they perform because they can cause water retention and bloat. So if you are trying to trim down for a special occasion, cut the carbs and start eating more protein!

Having a little Junk in the trunk is Okay… and encouraged

We all see stars like Cardi B and Amber Rose with voluptuous bodies. It’s easy to see that curves are encouraged in the industry, so much so that many dancers get surgical enhancements to be more voluptuous. So if you want to have a body like an exotic dancer and you already have curves… Keep ’em and keep working out for your health and strength.

Stay away from Sugar and Salt
Excess intake of sugar and salt is going to cause you to hold on to extra water weight. Water retention is something dancers stay away from since it can add extra pounds and they need to keep our waistlines trim. Try to keep away from inflammation-causing sugar and salt. Natural sugar substitutes such as stevia are a great way to prevent bloating and water retention

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a staple for many exotic dancers and it’s great for a number of reasons. Working up a sweat can have some major health benefits. It helps increase flexibility, helps get rid of some of that water weight, helps with mindfulness and relieves stress! 

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