Top 10 Fitness Videogames


Working out at home doesn’t always mean yoga or sit-ups on a mat. As we all partake in some social distancing with the Coronavirus pandemic, we found the best fitness videogames. We’ve already touted the immune-boosting benefits of being active, now let’s make it fun for the whole family! With modern technology, you can enjoy being active and getting a good workout by playing games on your tv! Here’s Health Fitness Revolution’s list of new and popular videogames to get you exercising while having fun!

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  • Just Dance 2019 for PS4

Just Dance 2019 is the newest fitness game in the Just Dance series that began teaching us how to dance to our favorite songs since 2009. Follow the characters on screen and dance to top hits like Havana by Camila Cabello, Mamma Mia by Mayra Veronica, Un Poco Loco from Disney-Pixar’s Coco, and tons more! You’ll be sweating before you know it.

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  • Sparc for Oculus Rift

Looking for a brand new way to work out? Sparc is an intense dodgeball simulator created in 2017 to get your game on at home. The full body gameplay is very customizable from easy to professional game modes, and single to online multiplayer games. The sky’s the limit with this specialized dodgeball game!

  • Beat Saber for Oculus Rift

Do you want more from your regular rhythm games? Interested in something to get you moving and fully immersed like never before? Beat Saber is the game to try. Swing your arms to cut icons with your laser swords, dodge laser walls, and fight your way to the end of the songs for a great workout and satisfying skill development.

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  • Creed: Rise to Glory for HTC Vive

Boxing is one of the best ways to get fit at home, there are lots of ways to learn and practice and with the HTC Vive, practicing gets a lot more fun. Creed: Rise to Glory gives you lots of boxing options from practicing on punching bags to getting in the ring. Time flies by when you’re giving it your all, not only do you get a full workout but you also get all that satisfaction when your skills pay off in the game.

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  • Fitness Boxing for Nintendo Switch

Fitness Boxing is one of the most popular ways to keep fit using video games. Watch your personalized character on screen and follow the instructions to warm up your body and learn how to box too! With lots of long combos, don’t expect to rest those arms or legs any time soon!

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  • ARMS for Nintendo Switch

Arms is a fun game to play if you’re interested in sweating but not a regular full body workout. These boxing matches are colorful and exciting with super stretchy arms that knock out opponents from a distance. Although you’ll be pressing buttons and swinging your arms, it might not look like work but after a few games with your friends or family, you’ll definitely feel your muscles get sore.

  • 1-2 Switch for Nintendo Switch

1-2 Switch is filled with mini-games for friends and family that all keep you alert and active. There are lots of short games that get you moving, enough to break a sweat and enjoy it with friends too! Baseball, sword fighting, cow milking, and safecracking are just a few games to try!

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  • Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One

The nearest tennis court may be far away, so why not play in your own living room? Kinect Sports Rivals has a wide variety of games to try like bowling, target shooting, and tennis of course. Keep in shape with this classic game and play with others too!

  • Shape Up for Xbox One

Follow your own personal trainer on Shape Up and get your body as fit as you can. Lift weights and do push-ups just like at the gym, but in the comfort of your own home. Complete quests and stay focused because Shape Up will motivate you to play several times a week so you won’t be able to skip out on this workout!

  • Zumba Fitness World Party for Xbox One

Get up and dance! Zumba Fitness World Party is a great game to get you up on your feet and follow the moves. Enjoy lots of different movements and styles to fit your skill level and watch your body become fit and more flexible too!

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