Top 10 Fittest Comedians 2016


These comedians know that health is no laughing matter. Well, I’m sure they wouldn’t be afraid to make a killer joke it, but they are still serious about staying in shape. We researched what comedians do more exercise than just standing up (which isn’t a bad start).

After researching available facts on stand-up comedians, things known or assumed as true information accessible online and in the media constructed the basis of reasoning for our formula and gave us the first Top 50. With more extensive research we reduced the number down to 20, and then finally 10. With each reduction, the criteria was more strict and exact.  Our methodology was a combination of interviews, internet, industry literature, and Samir Becic’s knowledge in healthy living coupled with his experience as 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the U.S.

Here’s a list of the top 10 fittest comedians of 2016:

Amy Schumer

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  • Amy is constantly moving, and opts to walk places rather than use a car service when possible.
  • Tracks her steps on her fitbit and even takes her phone meetings while walking across town. By doing this, she easily hits 15,000 steps before lunchtime (as a frame of reference, the average American walks a mere 5,000 steps daily).
  • Was an aerobics instructor in college.
  • Her trainer, Hayley Pasternak, calls Amy “Super fit” and says “she will run circles around people.”
  • Her motto is “Strong in the gym, lean in life”
  • Is a body positivity activist and frequently posts about being accepting of her size, which fluctuates between a 6 and an 8.
  • Believes in self-love and confidence.
  • Hikes
  • Does yoga
  • Boxes with an ex-fighter
  • Says she eats pretty well and works out hard

Kevin Hart

  • This 5’4″ funny man is so successful lately that he barely has time to use the bathroom (or so he says)
  • He regularly posts clips of himself working out while cracking jokes on his instagram and twitter while chronicling his fitness journey
  • Always makes time for are his kids because family is important to health
  • Makes working out a priority, no matter where he is
  • Kevin says he surrounds himself with friends who are active and that he tries to work out with them 5 to 6 times a week- but if he has to workout early in the morning or late at night, he will take stuff with him to work and do it between scenes.
  • Hart is all about “no excuses, no days off.” He won’t miss a training day, regardless of how much his line of work interferes with his routine, he says. Why? Living a healthy lifestyle makes you better, plain and simple.
  • He mainly does core exercises and some weights but not too much. Kevin has said “I don’t want to be the little strong guy with too many muscles who can’t move. I just try to keep naturally fit.”
  • Recently became a spokesperson for Nike and filmed a video as part of their ongoing series, Inner Strength.
  • The actor and comedian has been working with Nike to coordinate 5K runs around the country (and eventually, the world) encouraging his fans to join in.

Chelsea Handler

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  • Chelsea Handler didn’t grow up knowing how to eat healthy- and she spent years yo-yo dieting because of her choices- because she didn’t know any better.
  • Now she enjoys living a balanced lifestyle, and eating healthy.
  • Eats mostly fresh wholesome foods-avoiding anything processed, whenever possible.
  • Her day typically begins with a bowl of oatmeal mixed with a scoop of protein powder and a spoonful of ground flax seeds. Turkey and an arugula salad with shaved Parmesan-no dressing- is always her midmorning snack, and for lunch, she usually has sushi.
  • Although she’s always been active, Chelsea says finding a workout she loves-and can commit to- has been a huge challenge- she’s tried yoga, and gets bored on the treadmill, but pilates, however, has been just the right fit. “It’s been the most gentle on my body,” says Chelsea. “I’m longer and leaner and much more graceful. I can honestly say it’s changed my body-and my life.”

Dane Cook 

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  • Regularly works out at the gym.
  • Does planks for his core.
  • Runs 
  • Enjoys paddle boarding and swimming.
  • Walks or hikes with his dog daily.
  • He does heavy weight lift training to increase stamina and build strength.
  • Enjoys incorporating basketball into his workout for variation.
  • He drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Franchesca Ramsey

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  • Does kettlebell kickboxing.
  • Prefers to workout in the mornings.
  • Goes to pound fit, a class where pound sticks are used to exercise.
  • Her diet includes avoiding fructose syrups.
  • Her workout includes kettlebell and kickboxing.
  • Prefers to workout in the mornings.
  • Frequently posts her intese workouts on Instagram.

Seth Myers

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  • A self-professed serial exerciser.
  • He has emceed Cycle for Survival — the spin-a-thon-style event that raises money for rare cancers.
  • Seth is an avid runner,  aiming to do five miles about four days a week.
  • Does weight lifting three days per week.
  • Enjoys hiking with his wife.
  • When he’s not working out, he enjoys green juices, because they make him feel great.
  • As advised by a nutritionist, he eats every 4 hours and does not skip meals.
  • Allows himself one cheat day a week, usually on his most high-stress day.


Jenny McCarthy

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  • Has been a Playboy Cover girl 6 times
  • At 43, after having a child, she still has washboard abs.
  • Stays toned with strength training
  • Runs three to five times per week
  • Practices yoga twice a week
  • Jenny enjoys doing full body exercises like lunges, sit-ups, pushups, and planks.
  • Knows that other than even more so than working out, food is the most important thing. “Especially in today’s age how convenient fast food restaurants are, and how exhausted we are as mothers. It’s too overwhelming that we sacrifice [healthy] food,” Jenny has said.
  • Eats a lot of soup in her gluten and dairy-free diet.
  • However, don’t think that she hasn’t struggled with her health and weight before- the former Playmate of the Year once ballooned to 211lbs during her pregnancy with 10-year-old son Evan back in 2002.
  • She credits healthy lifestyle and discipline to becoming healthy again.

The Wayans Brothers

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  • They both know that to stay motivated, inspired, and energetic, their bodies need to be in peak physical shape for the physical type of comedy they do
  • They both workout around 5-6 days a week
  • Marlon Wayan has said “I work out five to six days a week in order to keep my energy up. I don’t always feel like going, but it keeps my body and mind sharp.”
  • Do circuit training to burn more fat and keep from getting bored
  • Take regular yoga classes as a way to loosen up and center the mind at the start of the day.
  • When on the road, they have been known to workout to videos- no days off from health!

Kathy Griffin

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  • Kathy loves her body more now than she did 20 years ago, has a very balanced approach to diet and fitness.
  • Does not believe in extremes, she just eats and exercises sensibly.
  • She says about balance: “But if I eat something that’s not so good for me, I don’t feel bad anymore. If I don’t exercise one day, I’ll make it up some other way” she says.
  • Has a demanding schedule but works out three times a week.
  • When at home, she does a full hour of cardio on the bike or treadmill, and weights.
  • When on the road, she either opts for a long walk or goes to the hotel gym facility.
  • Kathy is a big believer in making your workout wherever you are.

Jimmy Fallon

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  • First lady Michelle Obama once challenged him to a fitness competition on his show, which he jokingly lost.
  • Has to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to keep up with his hectic schedule.
  • Jimmy drinks green juices that are a mixture of spinach, parsley, and to quote the comedian “God knows what else is in it.”
  • He takes daily fish oil supplements and eats salads.
  • Golfs.
  • Trains regularly with a trainer.
  • Since becoming the Tonight Show’s host, Fallon treats his new duties like a boxer training to go extra rounds.
  • These days the comedian sleeps more, goes out less, and takes care of himself- because he realizes that without the host, the Tonight Show’s 200+ performances cannot go on!

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