Top 10 Fittest Dog Breeds To Own And Love


In a dog-eat-dog world, it is comforting to have the love and companionship of a furry friend. We all know that our animals and pets make us happier and improve mental health, but they also help our physical fitness. We wrote about the Top 10 Health Benefits of Owning a Dog, and even suggested the healthiest foods to feed Fido.

Here are the top 10 fittest dog breeds to own if you want a four-legged pal to accompany you on all your outdoor adventures from HFR team and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic


Alaskan Malamute

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If you’re looking for a large, powerful wolf-like pet, this Arctic sled dog might just be the one for you. Full of power, these Alaskan working dogs are born to venture outdoors. These hefty haulers will give YOU lots of physical and mental stimulation. They require a lot of attention and care. Before purchasing a Malamute, you’re going to want to have a pretty open schedule for these active dogs. Make sure you have a big enough space for them because they need a good amount of exercise daily (it’s a win-win for both of you!)


Siberian Husky

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One of the most beloved breeds, the Siberian Husky is a great companion to help motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle. Lovers of the snow, these strong breeds were destined to run around all day pulling sleds. Like running? Take your husky with you because you’re guaranteed to get your daily 10,000 steps in. The husky likes to move at a fast pace for long distances. Make sure to take him on a leash, though, the huskies are known to like their freedom.

Border Collie

Lean, loving, and full of energy, the Border Collie is known for their sheepherding abilities. You could call them a “workaholic,” because Collies love to stay busy. The Border Collie doesn’t have time to be bored, they’ve got better things to do! This friendly companion is a lover of sports, so take them with you whenever you’re feeling outdoorsy. Sure to keep you active throughout your day, the Border Collie is a perfect choice if you want to stay fit and healthy. So get out there and throw a tennis ball around with your new workout buddy!


Australian Shepherd

Another high energy dog, the Australian Shepherd is guaranteed to keep you on your feet.  These intelligent dogs will excel in competitive sports. They are very purpose-driven and perfect for an owner who can’t sit still. Since they are born for activity, keep this breed active all day with house chores or playtime. They’ll love it! And trust us; you’ll reap the benefits of this active breed as well. (Cardio here you come!)


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Talk about muscles, the Dalmatian is a STRONG choice for a fit and active dog. Friends of horses, the Dalmatians are known to have a large amount of stamina and vigor. Dalmatians are very laid back and fun at the same time. Their brains are wired with energy, so they need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. If you want to stay active throughout your days (and become motivated to build more muscle than your dog), then the Dalmatian is a good choice for you!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

This breed is passionate about the water; from swimming to retrieving the Chesapeake Bay Retriever will join you in your bathing suit this summer. Other than swimming, these powerful dogs enjoy any activity and they’re great with children too! The Bay Retriever prefers cooler temperatures for their outdoor activities. So next time you want to go splashing away in a river, bring your Chesapeake Bay Retriever and children along for the swim!

German Shorthaired Pointer

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This fit and multipurpose dog is great for any kind of physical activity. Known for their hunting abilities, the Pointer is useful for all sorts of things. These dogs are high energy, but very family oriented. If you’re an active family that likes to hunt or just spend a weekend outdoors, this dog would be a perfect fit! Walking, jogging, hiking, you name it! The German Shorthaired Pointer will not disappoint their active partners.

German Shepherd

Fun, affectionate, and energetic, the German Shepherd ranks as the second most popular breed of all. They’re known to get the job done. This brave strong breed does NOT tire easily, no wonder they’re very common among the police force. Always up for a challenge, the German Shepherd will keep you happy and healthy all day long. You’ll most likely see them running after balls or catching a Frisbee in the dog park. Their migration instinct calls for daily walks or jogs so go purchase a good pair of sneakers and get going!


Fearless and lean, the Weimaraner’s graceful appearance says it all. This breed combines its speed, stamina, balance, and alertness to fulfill any active duty. They enjoy a variety of activities that keep them moving. They’ll run beside you while you bike, retrieve a ball in the water, or even hike up a mountain with you. The Weimaraner is very child friendly and will keep up with their family’s daily hustle and bustle.


If you are a runner, this athletic dog may give you a RUN for your money. Making the top of “Runners World Fastest Dogs,” this breed is made for exercise. Filled with drive, power, and endurance, the Vizsla preforms best outdoors. They love to hunt, be in the water, and explore in the forest. They need constant simulation so they will love to join their owner on their daily activities. The Vizsla will surely motivate you to get out and live an active life.

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